Feature: “100 Men Rise For V-Day: Why Are Vaginas Important To You?”

The title, the concept itself is maybe a bit awkward…but before you decide to skip this video or before you get any funny ideas in your head…just WATCH.

At first, I thought it would be some kind of funny video…maybe a joke? I think the editing, the concept was brilliant…and somehow I felt that it empowered “vaginas” or females.

Background info:
Connecticut College has participated in V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls for 11 years, hosting productions of “The Vagina Monologues” on campus to raise awareness and funds. Through these benefits performances, we have donated $65,922 to local anti violence organizations. This year, I reached out to men as part of V-Day’s One Billion Rising For Justice campaign.


A Call To Action: As Producer of the 2014 Connecticut College Vaginas Monologues, I asked 100 men “Why are vaginas important to you?” to raise awareness for The Connecticut College Vagina Monologues, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


“The Lost City”

Ever heard of Candelaria, Texas? Neither have I.

“Imagine you lived in a small town and then imagine you couldn’t travel more then a few miles from that town. This is the problem that the residents of Candelaria, Texas face every single day. The only reason they live there is to send their children off to school on the U.S. side, because the school on the Mexican side is in complete shambles. The closest town with a grocery store is one hour away and for fear of deportation they cannot even travel to buy food. They must rely on anyone who is willing to help them. Most of the men work on the Mexican side but their wages are so small that most families have 4, 5, or even 6 people living in small trailers made only for a couple of people.”

Alberto Garcia along with a group of filmmakers and Producers are looking to develop a small documentary on Candelaria and the hardships the undocumented residents of the small community encounter on a daily basis.

They call it “Lost City”, an independent documentary about the hardships of the people of Candelaria, TX. Undocumented and trapped in their own town.

Alberto Garcia was the creator of the film, “An American Dream”.

“Three years ago I started a film called An American Dream a movie about the immigration debate raging in the United States. Two years after I began the film it was picked up by The Documentary Channel and aired every month for 2 years across the United States. It was viewed by more then 500,000 people, our voice about immigration was heard. Now with my small crew I want to repeat that process with this new movie called The Lost City, our voice can and will be heard across the country.”

Visit this project’s Kickstarter, learn more about it, and help them develop this film.