Profesora adopta el veganismo por razones éticas y de justicia alimentaria…para El nuevo sol salud

Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 7.11.14 PMAfter countless hours spent investigating, interviewing, and editing, the first part to my story on health, Latinos, obesity, and Vegetarianism, has been published.

This 5-minute audio piece tells the story of ten-year vegetarian/four-year Vegan, Linda Alvarez.

Touch basing on issues that we often don’t speak of or ever hear of, obesity and nutrition in the Latino Communities.

For now, this story is only available in Spanish, but in the future I hope to translate it.


El Nuevo Sol Salud

This semester I am taking the course, “Global Health Reporting for the Latino Communities”….Kind of like my “soul-mate” type course.

I am, 1. obsessed with health/nutrition, 2. Love reporting 3. topic of choice? Latino communities. 

A few weeks into the semester, and completely new to the area, I have been able to branch out to local clinics, and learn about health and the LA county.

What I have learned so far? What students at California State University, Northridge, think of Health and fitness.

I also came across WIC! After some research and having visited a WIC health center, I learned that WIC offers a Supplemental Nutrition Program. Anyone who qualifies for WIC has access to nutrition classes, one on one education on breastfeeding, smart shopping, and many more.

My point exactly?

More courses like this should be taught, at the High School, College, University level :)

I ask that you pleaseee support the idea of this course, health insurance, and WIC by going to:

Thank you and happy blogging!