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Halfway through my third semester of graduate school…. I find myself writing more and more. Not writing about what I probably should be writing about. You know, like my thesis project. I’m clearly not putting enough time to developing my … Continue reading

What is beauty?

What is beauty? If you look up the definition, beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.) We all want to be beautiful! We want that feeling of satisfaction, of looking and actually FEELING beautiful!

Growing up as a Latina, a Mexican female in the United States and having to see very few women that looked like myself on television and/or magazines was a bit difficult. I grew up with the idea that beauty was what was being shown, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz…it wasn’t until Tyra Banks came along that I remember seeing a curvy woman on the big screen.

Growing up with two very skinny sisters, I was often called “cachetona” or it always had to be pointed out that I was in fact, CURVY. So basically, I felt that I didn’t “fit in”. When in reality, growing up in a Hispanic community, curves were aaaaaall around me. I just didn’t see them as beautiful…

That was until I experienced living in Mexico. For the first time I was in Mexico for longer than just two, three weeks…I was living there. I was working in the city and I got to see things differently. I was able to observe A LOT and it was then, that everything fell into place. First few days there, I was shocked to see so many beautiful women. Not only were these women beautiful, these women had CURVES! Big voluptuous butts, big boobs, thighs…and women were so confident in flaunting them! Instead of hearing women talk about liposuction and diets, you heard “I want bigger, I want more”. It was all very different from the United States. One day, I went to an art exhibition, paintings and photos of naked women hung on the white wall (One of them being the featured image of my article)…Naked women who had real bodies, or bodies similar to mine I should say, and it wasn’t one or two photos, it was an entire exhibition! For the first time in my life, I felt like I understood why I looked the way I did and why I should appreciate it!

I am not going to lie and say that I am now 100% satisfied with my body because I am not…and I can probably assume that most of us females aren’t. We all have body issues! But I can tell you that from that day on, from that wonderful experience, I made myself the promise that I would stop being so harsh on myself. God gave me curves! It defines who I am, a Latina, something I am extremely proud of being.

I love seeing thicker women on TV today (in the United States), Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara! And I love how these women are appreciated and loved for not only their talent but for their bodies. It is important that we not only learn to love and appreciate ourselves but each other, regardless of your ethnicity, color, shape or size. That color, shape, size defines YOU! Flaunt it!

Bloguera Spotlight!

As a YOUNG, BILINGUAL, LATINA JOURNALIST, I have at many times felt intimidated. Initimidated by more experienced Journalists or by Journalists who dominated a language better than I did.

Ever since I was a child, my writing stood out to professors. It began with GATE, a program I was chosen to be a part of in Elementary school. Thanks to GATE I was taken out of regular class to focus on my artistic writing, that is where I learned about Poetry and story telling. Then, in middle school I out of hundredths of students was granted a scholarship to Cabrillo College because of an essay I had written. In High School I struggled with certain classes but English was never one of them. I have been placed in advanced English classes since I could remember. In college, I noticed a difference. I was still a good writer but I had a lot more competition. I was learning alongside very good, creative writers. Still, I always could write an essay in english and spanish with little struggle, turn it in and receive a good grade.After having completed College, I began working…. turning in news articles where you know, little of your personality can be expressed. News is short, to the point and informative.

It wasn’t until I began BLOGGING that I was once again able to WRITE. Write about anything! Write about what I love most, my passions, my family, my struggles, my experiences! Not only expressing myself and putting thought into every single word that went into my Blog but have people read about it! Have people read about my life, my experiences and read MY WORDS. That is why I felt so honored when “Tu Voz en Tu Vida” contacted me with hopes of having MY article, “Stuck in the middle” be featured on their online magazine. All I have ever wanted is to have my words be read and thanks to this opportunity, they will be, not only from the people I know or know me but from complete strangers who will probably relate and find comfort in my words. Blogging has been an excellent creation, and anyone who has anything to share, any words to express, do it! Because you never know who will come across your words, across your blogs and feel inspired! Happy blogging!

Link to the article: http://www.tuvozentuvida.com/2011/11/08/identidad-cultural/


 Como PERIODISTA JOVEN, BILINGUE Y LATINA, me he sentido intimidada. Intimidada por periodistas que tienen más experiencia que yo, o que dominan un idioma mejor que yo.

 Desde que yo era niña mis maestros halagaban mi escritura. Todo comenzó con GATE, un programa al que pertenecí en la primaria. Gracias a este programa, aprendí a escribir poesía y novelas. En la secundaria, gracias a un ensayo que escribí, me gane una beca para la Universidad. Mi ensayo fue seleccionado entre cientos de ensayos. En la preparatoria, tuve dificultad en varias clases pero la escritura nunca ha sido una dificultad para míDesde que yo me acuerdo he participado en clases avanzadas de escritura.Cuando entré a la Universidad note una diferencia, aunque todavía me sentía segura al escribir, el nivel ya era más competitivoContinuaba aprendiendo junto con muy buenos escritores. Siempre pude escribir un ensayo en ingles y en español en poco tiempo, con poca dificultad, entregarlo y recibir una buena calificación. Después de haber terminado la Universidad, comencé a trabajar y a escribir artículos noticieros, pero un artículo de noticias, tiene que ser simple, corto, informativo y muestra muy poco el talento de un/a escritor/a.

 No fue hasta que comencé con mi BLOG que sentí que otra vez podía expresarme por medio de las palabras. Comencé de nuevo a escribir sobre los temas que más me apasionan, mi familia, mi vida y mis experiencias. No solo se trataba de expresarme por medio de cada palabra que publicaba sino transmitir cuando otros leyeran estas palabras. Lograr que otros lean sobre mi experiencias y mi historia. Es por eso que me sentí honrada cuando fui contactada por TU VOZ EN TU VIDA. Me buscaron porque  estaban interesados en publicar mi artículo, “Perdida en Medio” en su revista. Lo único que he deseado es que otros lean mis palabras y gracias a esta oportunidad, creo que este deseo se realizará. No solo la gente que me conoce están leyendo mis escritos, sino gente que no me conoce, extraños que ojala y puedan encontrar consuelo por medio de mis palabras. “Blogging” ha sido un invento maravilloso e invito a todos los que tengan algo que compartir a que lo hagan! Porque uno nunca sabe quien está leyendo y quien se sienta inspirado! Ahora, a continuar blogging!

Link del articulo: http://www.tuvozentuvida.com/2011/11/08/identidad-cultural/