New city, new hikes!



I have now officially been a resident of the Los Angeles County for five months. During my time here, I have climbed my way up three different mountains, and enjoyed three different views of the city.





First hike was of course, up to the famous L.A. landmark, “the hollywood sign”. It was back in October that I made my way up to the sign. Weather was perfect, and there was very few people walking the trail. Parked my car on the street, no charge. It was a hassle-free experience and one I enjoyed. Only con to this experience was that the hike was not too challenging, I felt as if it was more of a long and steep walk. The view of Los Angeles was ok, but hey! You get to see the sign up close.




Second hike occurred two weeks ago. This time, I made my way to Glendale “Brand Park”. It was a Wednesday morning, weather was cool. The park was lonely, something I  enjoyed (the less people, the better). This hike was definitely more challenging than the Hollywood sign. Growing up around the Santa Cruz mountains, Brand Park was more of what I was used to. I broke a sweat, but it was all worth it…the view was lovely!






Today I went on my third hike, to Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood. Pros to this experience, the hike was challenging enough. There are three different routes one can take at this park, route A, B or C. We chose to follow route B. We walked on our way up and ran on our way down. Cons to this experience, parking! We were lucky enough to find street parking close to the park entrance but parking was definitely a hassle. There were also way too many people. I enjoy a quiet and relaxing hike, nothing overcrowded… Runyon Canyon definitely lives up to its standard of being one of the most popular trails in LA. The view from Runyon Canyon has definitely been the best, so far.




My love for hiking is only growing! Los Angeles offers dozens of hikes and I am now on a mission to check out only the best and the most challenging!  I came across this blog that gives background information on some…







Step número tres

So you want to workout, you’re ready to commit, ready to start seeing results. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and check out the local gyms, compare, and get a year or a two-year membership.

I am a sucker for the gym…although I’m not crazy about sharing machinery with complete strangers, exchanging sweat, and constantly getting interrupted halfway a workout, I like it. I personally find it motivating to work in a health and fitness environment around people who are working out. I see it as a challenge! But still, not everyone feels the same. Not only are some people anti-gyms, I myself sometimes get bored with it and it is then that I start getting creative.

Step numero tres, get creative!

You do not have to workout at a gym! I’ve heard success stories from friends who took it upon themselves to go running every morning, join a kickboxing class, or a dance group…some even just, walked!

Top five workouts I perform other than gym?

1.Beach runs! Going anywhere from 7am-11am, you will come across other runners (motivation)! Working out at a beach is probably one of the most peaceful and enjoyable workouts. Still, it’s super exhausting. It is also very addicting!

2.  Hiking. Love love love hiking.  The idea of going up in the mountains, getting dirty, sweating…all with the goal of reaching the top of a mountain, end of a trail, excites me.

3. I dance. My workout since I was seven years old was dancing “ballet folkloric”. I have taken hip-hop classes, salsa, and merengue…and at the end of every one-hour class, I would be drenched in sweat! Talk about a good workout!

4. Biking/Cycling. I have yet to go out and join a group of cyclists who travel long distances. I ditch my car once in a while and instead bike to my destination. I enjoy it so much I don’t even know if it’s fair to call it a workout.

5. Classes…I am talking about kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, cycling, zumba, and pole dancing! My favorite? Kickboxing and pole dancing…you’d be surprise at the amount of strength and endurance those two require!

Step numero tres, get creative! Because although going to the gym five times a week sounds so tempting…it’s always fun to try new things, get creative and get dirty?