The sad reality behind FACEBOOK!

My assumption, about 80% of us out there have an obsession with social networking sites, FACEBOOK being the number one. We check it several times a day; obsess about photos, our friends, our status and OTHERS. I am definitely not the first to admit that I have an addiction to FACEBOOK…and that yes, I’ve had to TERMINATE facebook because of the distraction it was setting on my daily life. So what difference does Facebook addiction have to a drug, alcohol and sex addiction? LOL. No, really…think about it. We need a daily dosage, it has interrupted our routines…. we skip out on other activities to facebook…this has affected the relationships we have with our significant others, our parents, our families. And must I add, it’s far from reality! It gives us false confidence… because it’s far from the truth. Yeah, most of what we have on facebook does kind of sum us up as a person…you know, there’s the PARTY GIRL/BOY, the businessman/woman, the student, the thug, the mom, the dad, the musician/rapper etc. BUT we don’t add everything! Definitely not the bad stuff…just the good 🙂 AND have you ever facebooked for an hour or two and then…crash? Emotionally crash? Sort of like drugs. You facebook, check others business and then your self-esteem and confidence has surprisingly gone down or disappeared. You compare yourself to others and ask yourself, “why don’t I have this or why DO I have this?” ….NOW ADMIT IT, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it, and FELT IT. It’s a sad reality. Facebook is a lot like a drug, an alcohol and sex obsession! It has also been the reason why some of you have lost jobs or maybe not gotten a job… We sometimes say, “hold up, let me check my facebook”…. What you thought would take a short 15 minutes lasted a few hours!!?!?!! Aaaand must I add that everyone and their mommas has a facebook?! My 80 something year old grandpa has a facebook! So we have a facebook, we’re NOT going to get rid of it. Let’s be real! So let’s do something. USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Use it for networking… feel the need to post pictures of your recent party and keg stand? Now that’s going to get you nowhere! FACEBOOK the smart way…ever gone into settings? If you did you’d come to realize that there are really cool things you can do… you can add groups of friends and change the settings! You can have your work group, school group, party, school….boyfriend/girlfriend group? You get it. You can control who sees what!  I’m sureee you don’t want your mother, boss, and creepy co-worker seeing a picture of you passed out with a beer in your hand! Or knowing your every move! Now that’s just creepy… Facebook sums our lives and us up; do you really want to let everyone and anyone into your life? That one guy/girl you’re just getting to know can easily “GET TO KNOW YOU” , get to know the type of person you are just by going on your facebook. Crazy huh…Hope this made you think a little! Now before you go back to facebook, check out these crazy stats!