New city, new hikes!



I have now officially been a resident of the Los Angeles County for five months. During my time here, I have climbed my way up three different mountains, and enjoyed three different views of the city.





First hike was of course, up to the famous L.A. landmark, “the hollywood sign”. It was back in October that I made my way up to the sign. Weather was perfect, and there was very few people walking the trail. Parked my car on the street, no charge. It was a hassle-free experience and one I enjoyed. Only con to this experience was that the hike was not too challenging, I felt as if it was more of a long and steep walk. The view of Los Angeles was ok, but hey! You get to see the sign up close.




Second hike occurred two weeks ago. This time, I made my way to Glendale “Brand Park”. It was a Wednesday morning, weather was cool. The park was lonely, something I  enjoyed (the less people, the better). This hike was definitely more challenging than the Hollywood sign. Growing up around the Santa Cruz mountains, Brand Park was more of what I was used to. I broke a sweat, but it was all worth it…the view was lovely!






Today I went on my third hike, to Runyon Canyon in West Hollywood. Pros to this experience, the hike was challenging enough. There are three different routes one can take at this park, route A, B or C. We chose to follow route B. We walked on our way up and ran on our way down. Cons to this experience, parking! We were lucky enough to find street parking close to the park entrance but parking was definitely a hassle. There were also way too many people. I enjoy a quiet and relaxing hike, nothing overcrowded… Runyon Canyon definitely lives up to its standard of being one of the most popular trails in LA. The view from Runyon Canyon has definitely been the best, so far.




My love for hiking is only growing! Los Angeles offers dozens of hikes and I am now on a mission to check out only the best and the most challenging!  I came across this blog that gives background information on some…







Step UNO


Hints may be thrown at you from every direction and in every different language. Your friends may ask you to join them, your doctor may warn you about your health…everyone and anyone can TRY and convince you to get “active” or healthy, but it isn’t until YOU decide it’s time for a change, that YOU will do something about it!

For this reason, step uno is, GET MOTIVATED.

I am a firm believer of motivation! As long as one is motivated enough to do something, try something, the world is within your reach!

How do I motivate myself to go to the gym?


I am a girl. I love fashion, trends, and I want to look good wherever I am, including the gym. My latest obsession is workout attire. Any store I am in, I will guarantee you that I will walk by the gym section and glance at the latest shirts, shorts, shoes, head bands! Expensive? Very, but gym clothes isn’t like a pair of jeans, shirts, shoes that you’ll wear for a few days or weeks…it’s long lasting! I recently bought the newest pair of nike free runs, and it has motivated me to try double workouts…go to the gym TWICE a day, anything to wear these pretty pink shoes.


Besides looking at pictures of “perfectly” shaped models who in reality have probably been under the knife or perfected by something we call Photoshop, I keep it real! I look at the skinniest pictures of ME or pictures where I was the most “fit” as a way to push myself. I looked like that, I can look like that again or even BETTER.


I am a writer, it’s what I do. I love words! I read quotes every single day of my life! Today’s quote? “Go big or go home!”

And although it’s motivating to go to the gym with someone else, to join a workout class…In the end, you will begin working out, going to the gym, partaking in physical activity when you decide.


More than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese…what about children?!

Looking back at my childhood, I begin remembering the “good old days”. I remember my neighborhood friends, playing baseball, basketball, roller-skating, learning how to ride a bike! I begin to remember all those incidents in which I fell and added one after another bruise and scar to my body. What I don’t remember about my childhood was ever choosing to stay indoors, I don’t remember spending numerous hours obsessing over video games or learning to “facebook”. The technology I do remember using as a child was the family video camera…I was a born producer/director/actress/host.

When I make a comparison between my growing up to the growing up kids are doing today, I wonder, which is the better way to grow up and how will it affect us in the future?

I don’t have children nor do I have a little brother or sister (my younger sister is 17) but I do have cousins, friends with kids, a sister that works with kids and friends who do the same… and what I see in kids today is that outdoor activities or exercise are almost nonexistent in children’s daily lives (speaking of children in the u.s.). I also hear the topic come up almost daily, “obesity in the United States remains high” and, “child obesity at peak”.   So looking at numbers, More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. (This is information is from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). And over the last decade, there has been a significant increase, an average 20% increase varying from state to state.

Organizations and even the government are working to tackle this issue and lower these numbers. Still, are we going to wait until we reach that point of obesity to begin working on the issue? Are we going to wait until someone tells us we are sick and that we’re not going to get better until we change our eating habits? Or are we going to wait until someone points out that we’ve gained weight or we look back on those pictures and think, what happened?

In my opinion, we shouldn’t wait until this is an issue to do something about it. Let’s prevent it in the first place?! And the only way this will get done is by taking care of it at home! What better than to raise our children to be healthy rather than letting them drown in video games, watching television, eating frozen dinners or fast food to later learn that they are overweight?! Now, I wasn’t raised by America’s healthiest parents but I was raised in the 90’s/early 2000’s when technology hadn’t become what it has today. When it was normal for a child to go outside, run and play and when fast food joints hadn’t taken over the U.S.

Just this past Sunday I decided I had a day free to do nothing so I decided to take my little cousin to the park. This six-year-old with all the energy in the world was ecstatic, ecstatic at the fact that he’d be going outdoors to play, something he doesn’t do often. So for the next few hours, my cousin and I ran, jumped and played make-believe at the park. When I told him it was time to go, he was of course, sad and he asked when we could do it again. Looking at the kid and seeing how happy a trip to the park had made him made me think, why aren’t these kids doing this more often?!

Based on my experience, knowledge and surroundings, I come to the conclusion that until exercise and outdoor activities become a part of ones lives, childhood obesity or obesity for that matter won’t see any change. Taking your kid to the park or hitting the gym once in a while won’t end obesity BUT it will help! Make the change!