Step número siete

Cheat days! Two out of the seven days in a week, I give myself the freedom to eat what I want and relax if I choose to. The idea of “cheat days” came after having tried the three-day diet….a diet where you basically starve yourself for three days and eat “normal” the other four. A horrible diet by the way, doesn’t work, it’s not healthy, and I don’t recommend it. Anyway, after working on my new lifestyle of eating healthy and being fit, I decided to give myself two days out of the week to do what I want.

No matter what your goal may be, in other to stay healthy, and most importantly, happy, you have to in some way REWARD yourself. I reward myself by staying on a strict routine five days out of the week and letting myself indulge in goodies the other two. I choose to cheat Saturday and Sunday, family days in which we usually BBQ, eat out, and the days I find myself the most tempted. Of course, the trick is to never overdo it. There is no point of following a healthy routine if you’re going to cheat to the extreme. I accept an invitation to yogurtland, or have a meal I wouldn’t regularly have….eat a bag of chips, maybe a redbull? But what I find is that as time goes on, my cheat days end up being more like regular healthy days. Yipeeee!

Find a way to spoil yourself, give yourself a treat, don’t overdo it but DO IT. Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to consist of salads and water, and it definitely doesn’t mean you ALWAYS have to pass up guilty pleasures.

Step número siete, reward yourself!

Fourth of July was a cheat day for me and this is what I had….