Rockaway Beach Stroll in Pacifica, great event, great community!

This past sunday I covered a fundraising event in Pacifica, “Rockaway Beach Stroll”….Once again, the community of Pacifica doesn’t fail to amaze me! They are really a community that works together to make possibilities happen for not only them but the future, their children etc. The Pacifica Resource Center made this event happen with i would say, 80% donations! The food was donated, there were volunteers, drinks donated, the silent auction items DONATED. I had a great time and completing this story was a piece of cake! enjoy….(follow the link provided)

Blue Blanket Improv performs at The Wine Bar in Half Moon Bay

This was probably my third improv show ever… To start off, the location which this show took place was great! Right off Half Moon Bay’s Harbor at The Wine Bar, a very elegant and welcoming location. While everyone enjoyed their italian food and red wine, I, on the other hand was working. Although the comedians did get some laughs out of me, I was able to get some great video, photos and interviews from the people attending the show. It amazes me how someone could be so talented such as, Kenny Bourquin, Steve Ketchpel, Marc Samuels, Chris Johnson, and Roslyn Ramsey. Without thinking about it they come up with different personalities, characters, roles etc.  Here is a sneak peak at what Blue Blanket Improv is all about…

A foundation working towards the improvement of the Education in their Communities….Story by me!

I was welcomed by the volunteers, parents and children at today’s Fun Run in Pacifica. It was a great honor to meet these people as well as hear about their Foundation. I have been greatly shocked/amazed at all the work the Pacifica District is doing to improve their School District, their Community and the future of their Children.

Here is the story:

Coastside Orchestra

Last night I walked in on Coastside Orchestra’s practice… I had played an instrument back in the day but their talent was way beyond my personal experience. Although I was only able to watch and learn about the Orchestra’s string line,  I very much enjoyed it and would only hope to attend one of their annual concert’s one day. Here is the story:

Rob Schneider Music Foundation Celebrates its 15 year mark-Story by Joanna Renteria

Last night I went to an event that took place in South San Francisco High School. The actor and stand up comedian, Rob Schneider began a foundation in 1997- the Rob Schneider Music Foundation. Due to budget cuts, the Pacifica School District was forced to cut the music program entirely from all schools, when Rob heard of this the foundation was founded.

Originally from Pacifica, Rob claims it was music provided in school was helped inspire him and motivate him. Now, thanks to Rob  Schneider the organization makes it fifteen year mark. The actor has funded the organization as well as help organize fundraisers allocating money to hire music teachers, buy instruments and provide scholarships.

I went to the event expecting to POSSIBLY see the actor. To my surprise, the actor was very much there. I was able to meet the actor, and learn of his foundation and passion for music. Here is the story: