Fall trends…Modas otoñales…

Fall…. my favorite season of all! ¡Otoño, mi estación favorita!

The time of year when the weather is just perfect (not hot and not too cold…in L.A. at least).

We can layer and play around with beanies and scarves. It is also the time of year when it is officially O.K. to wear my two favorites: BOOTS and BLACK. The best thing about fall this year? That I get to play around with fall trends that are comfortable and already in my closet.

So, these are the fall trends I’m grateful for…

Estas son las modas otoñales por las que estoy agradecida:

The bun

because it is easy.

Boyfriend jeans

finally, denim that is comfortable.

Oversized button-up/down

another comfortable option that is actually stylish.

Casual T

who doesn’t own one already?

All-Star Converse

it’s a flat shoe that isn’t boring.


because it’s black/negro.

because they add so much to something so basic.

All images from Pinterest.com

Entry dedicated to Brenda.


2 thoughts on “Fall trends…Modas otoñales…

  1. Thanks for the nice fashion show. Here in Montreal, it’s coats and hats already. People here tend to wear lots of bright colored jackets. Probably to counteract the November dreariness. But who doesn’t like black?

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