“I think I kicked it big time, with my heels… “, she giggles.

The month of October (Oct. 5-20th), fashionistas, up and coming designers, stylists, bloggers, and models, get together to create what we know as LA Fashion Week.  For the dates to follow, the city home to movie starts, and celebrities will become the place to feature 2014’s spring and summer collection.

“I’m so excited to kick off fashion week; I think it’s awesome! I can’t believe they chose me, after being in fashion star (NBC Season 2 designer), it just makes it really special!”, shared Hernandez.

Saturday night, the Latina of Salvadoran descent introduced her new GLAUDI collection at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Beverly Hills. A red carpet, chic vibe, familiar faces, chandelier, and the very hip music of Deejay Infex welcomed the dozens of attendees.


“I love being in LA…. LA is the place to be! I mean, LA is Hollywood, it doesn’t get any better than that!”, she added.

And I’m not quite sure that it gets any better. The Latina who is anything but new to the fashion world, was able to present a collection which she described as “chic, hip, and edgy”… much like the models.  A beautiful group of ladies strutted down the runway, bearing all that is GLAUDI.

Two shows… the first one, a bit more elegant with a touch of class. Gowns! White, off-white, and black! The second show, the more edgy collection! It was as if everyone and anyone held their cameras, cell-phones, or gadgets up in the air to get a taste of Johana’s most recent creation.


The guest of honor? I would say, Johana’s mother herself.

“The name Gladis is her name, and GLAUDI is inspired by her.”

“I’ve seen her work in sweatshops…it’s amazing to have her with me. I’m not only making my dream come true with the collection, I think I’m also making her dream come true!”, shared Johana.

And you can only assume that this DIVA is just getting started! Johana Hernandez is now preparing for her next show, Project ETHOS, a SCION sponsored event that will also take place in Los Angeles on October 15th. Following, she will be part of a charity event for Bienestar on the 20th, and soon after at the launching of a Macy’s store in Sacramento (Nov. 6th).

With this new collection, Johana hopes to keep pushing for a design that she claims is for, “that modern woman who is confident, she just doesn’t care what people think…she’s BOLD”.


You can follow the designer and her work via Twitter @GLAUDIJohana and Instagram: GLAUDIJohana or directly at

Any and all information regarding LA. Fashion Week can be found at:


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