Quick, efficient, and organized

I am one student who appreciates technology and all its fabulous inventions.

My favorite tools, and some which I HIGHLY recommend to any student who wants to keep up with his/her duties, while maintaining sane, efficient, and organized.

1. Buy an iPad. I hardly ever turn to my computer anymore. I read, write, and do everything on my iPad. Save trees! you can do all your reading and note taking on this little thing. Buy a keyboard, mine cost about $70 but it was 100% worth it!

2. Download Evernote to take notes!

3. Thanks to Dr. Benavides, I came across GoodReader. It’s an iPad application that allows you to take detailed notes as you read; highlight, underline, etc on your iPad. Looks a little this:


4. Take full advantage of your calendar. Sync it to your cellphone using iCloud. Set reminders! Unless your cellphone, iPad, and computer all mysteriously disappear at the same time, you will have no excuse for missing assignments, appointments, meetings!

I live by all these applications and tools. Thank you 2013, and thank you technology!


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