“The New American Reality”

Although the topic is lengthy, one I will not go into discussing…In one of my graduate courses this semester, I have begun learning about globalization and its development within primarily, MEDIA.

Definition of globalization: 


In trying to understand the concept and how it is happening right here in the U.S., in California, and especially in Los Angeles…. the professor presented the following clip:





I had to share the video, because although I could choose to criticize some of  this 3 min clip, I won’t. The facts shared on this informational vide are very true…I am part of this growing generation. I love Reggeaton, I love futbol, but I also speak two languages, and I love two countries equally. Now, as a Mexican-American going into the field of media, journalism, and mass communication, I cannot wait to see how corporations, news outlets, and the web develop throughout time. I guess we will wait and see!








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