Blogging in 2012

74774_423416304397006_294524132_n2012 was a crazy year for me….I made my way back to the United States after residing and gaining some journalism experience abroad, in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I decided to go back to school and work towards receiving my Masters in Mass Communication/Journalism. I relocated and began a new journey in the Los Angeles area. I made new friends and began learning from experienced and admirable professors at California State University, Northridge.

2012 was a VERY TOUGH but exciting year for me. Grad school is no joke, but I completed my first semester with well deserved grades (after spending numerous hours at the library, the nearest coffee shop, and having to turn down tempting invitations).

I wasn’t able to BLOG as much as I had hoped in 2012, but it is something I hope to work on this upcoming year.

I love hair, fashion, and beauty…..and often times my friends ask, “Joanna, when are you going to stop blogging about important stuff, and start working on your fashion blog?!” The answer is, probably NEVER 🙂 Although a fashion blog is something I would enjoy doing in the future, my passion in journalism developed as a child because I always had questions. Why do we do this? Why are things as they are? Why do we not question? Why must we accept? What can we do to change? Questions which often got me into problems…but questions which motivated me to follow this career path. Yes, I love hair, fashion, & makeup but news reporting is what keeps my heart pumping.

Happy new years to everyone, wherever you are!


-Joanna Renteria


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