In the land of carnivores

One of my biggest fears coming to Mexico this time around was being around my all time favorite foods and having to pass them up! Tacos de carne asada, tacos de tripa, tortas ahogadas de carne, buche, lonche de jamon, pozole, “dogos”, birria, carnitas, tostadas de pollo, wings… name a few! Can i do it? Yeah, i think so….was it going to be tough? Ooh yes!

Today was first day in Mexico…it wasn’t too bad.

I started off my day by going to the local “mercado” and purchased a freshly squeezed carrot, orange and green juice.



I satisfied my craving with TWO corn tamales…so yummy!


As a snack I had pineapple and cucumber.



For lunch, a meatless “torta” with quezo fresco, aguacate, cebolla….etc.



I even made my favorite, guacamole!


My grandmother (my cooking inspiration) gave me this book…

She promised to pass on some of her famous vegetarian recipes.

First day down, a few more to go!



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