Step DOS

Just like a race, changing a lifestyle has a finish line! That is why, step numero dos is “setting a goal”. What is your goal?

Back in college I took a health and wellness course. I recall going over the chapter, “setting a goal” in-depth.  It was unlike the other chapters. The professor wanted us to understand how important this step was. I now understand why.

Setting a goal gives you the MOTIVATION to keep racing to that finish line. Not only is it important that we SET a goal, it is important to set a realistic and healthy one as well.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard:

“Cabo in two weeks, I have to lose thirty pounds”


“Wedding coming up…I need to go from a size 9 to a size 2 in two months”


“Can’t eat this week, Vegas is this weekend!!”

Although you may be able to miraculously reach this crazy goal, it’s not healthy! Not only is it not healthy, guaranteed, you will gain back the weight, just as fast.

A healthy goal? Last year I lost ten pounds in 3 months. I didn’t have to starve myself or “diet”. I worked out, made wise choices…and more on the “lifestyle” in blogs to come.

For now, step dos is “Set a goal….a REALISTIC/HEALTHY goal!”

What is YOUR goal? What are you trying to do….are you doing it for your health? To look good? To fit into a dress? SET A GOAL, set a time limit. By when will you reach this goal? And most importantly, remind yourself of this goal!

“I WILL lose ____ pounds by ____!”


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