Step UNO


Hints may be thrown at you from every direction and in every different language. Your friends may ask you to join them, your doctor may warn you about your health…everyone and anyone can TRY and convince you to get “active” or healthy, but it isn’t until YOU decide it’s time for a change, that YOU will do something about it!

For this reason, step uno is, GET MOTIVATED.

I am a firm believer of motivation! As long as one is motivated enough to do something, try something, the world is within your reach!

How do I motivate myself to go to the gym?


I am a girl. I love fashion, trends, and I want to look good wherever I am, including the gym. My latest obsession is workout attire. Any store I am in, I will guarantee you that I will walk by the gym section and glance at the latest shirts, shorts, shoes, head bands! Expensive? Very, but gym clothes isn’t like a pair of jeans, shirts, shoes that you’ll wear for a few days or weeks…it’s long lasting! I recently bought the newest pair of nike free runs, and it has motivated me to try double workouts…go to the gym TWICE a day, anything to wear these pretty pink shoes.


Besides looking at pictures of “perfectly” shaped models who in reality have probably been under the knife or perfected by something we call Photoshop, I keep it real! I look at the skinniest pictures of ME or pictures where I was the most “fit” as a way to push myself. I looked like that, I can look like that again or even BETTER.


I am a writer, it’s what I do. I love words! I read quotes every single day of my life! Today’s quote? “Go big or go home!”

And although it’s motivating to go to the gym with someone else, to join a workout class…In the end, you will begin working out, going to the gym, partaking in physical activity when you decide.



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