Two things I’m extremely passionate about? Writing and being a Latina!!!

A few weeks ago I came across the site, I can’t remember how..but I am happy that I did! I would consider myself a rookie when it comes to blogging, I am an up and coming blogger! I began blogging at the beginning of 2011, and although my style, site and ease to share with a public audience have improved, I’d say, I’m just getting started. is a community of Latin bloggers. You create an account, upload a picture, write up a brief bio of yourself, and then ofcourse, link your blog to your account. You then browse the community, start adding friends and checking out their blogs. Through Blogadera I have came across some great sites, people discussing everything and anything from dieting, exercise, family, motherhood, education…all in a Latina/o perspective. AAAAMAZING, I know!

Anyone interested in starting up their own blog, should!….and if you already belong to the community of bloggers, check !


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