Trip down memory lane…literally!


Born in Watsonville, yes…but from the age of 2-7, home was located on Struve road, which is considered Moss Landing.

Infinite memories lie on this street. I remember growing up, I  didn’t see Struve road as the ONE street that it is, I saw it as home, with a community. I recall getting excited whenever I’d hear the “paletero” drive by, or when my older sister or cousins invited me to the local gas station (I was too young to go alone). I remember playing in between the strawberry fields, which were across the street from our house. Strawberries have always been a huge part of my life 🙂 ! First bruises and scars occurred on Struve road. I clearly remember the day my parents told me we’d be moving, and the morning we packed up and left. A young, seven-year old, I thought, life from here on out was over!

Sixteen years later, after driving past this street for so long, I made the decision of driving through it. This is what I found…


…and this was the house I lived in for five or so years.


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