Newfound respect for parents

I feel like I’ve ran a marathon or as if I’ve spent the past few days working an exhausting job… But I didn’t. What I did do was take on the “Mom” role for the past FIVE DAYS…. Taking care of an energetic six-year old has left me DRAINED, EXHAUSTED, both mentally and physically!

I never understood the “I’m a full-time mom” or why mother’s complained about their role…. I played with my cousins from time to time and I always saw it as something fun, something I’d do when I wanted to pretend I was a child, forget my responsibilities. But until you take on the role and learn what it is like to split your time and attention with someone else, will you understand.

I admit it! I have a newfound RESPECT for parents. For single mothers, or single fathers…. or parents who work one or two jobs, go to school. I see it done, I just never knew how nearly impossible it is to do it. Just these past few days, it has been impossible for me to sit down for longer than an hour or two, and work! If it wasn’t “I’m hungry”  or “let’s play”, the boy was crying out for attention and I made sure I gave it all to him. We went to the beach, running, grocery shopping, we cooked, cleaned, walked the dogs, soccer practice, movies, we drew and read….

In the end, although I enjoyed doing everything we did together, I can’t help but wonder how my mother did it. A college student, a wife, mother, full-time employee…. How she did it, I wont know… not for a while. After this little experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am NOT ready to take on this role, not now and NOT  for a while longer. I wonder, are you ever ready? Will I ever be ready? hhmm….


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