It’s amazing to work in an atmosphere where everyone gets along and nothing but positive attitude surrounds you. That’s what it’s like working at SJRTV, C7…. Not only has it been a great experience working here, it’s been an honor. Since the first day that I went out as a reporter, I constantly had people stopping me to congratulate me for our channel and for our work.

Because I found myself working amongst not only great people but experienced broadcasters! I decided I wanted to learn… Learn from some of the best. So besides working as a reporter I am working in Productions, in other words, behind the scenes! The producer of a children’s program (CLUB C7), Luis Borboa, is a man who has done it all! Something, which I hope one day to achieve… He’s written, critiqued, reported, anchored, produced, edited etc. and not only in Mexico but in the United States as well.  Working with people such as Luis and all the staff, I am on my way to achieving it “all”. Besides learning a lot (which I am) I am having a lot of fun doing so, check us out!


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