Ballet Folklórico

Since the age of six and for ten years, I danced ballet folklórico. Most of you may know what it is, in English it translates to Folkloric Ballet. It is a Mexican type of dance that reflects traditional cultures of Mexico. Songs, outfits, dance steps and dance techniques differ in every region.

At the age of six I decided to quit gymnastics because I wanted to be a ballerina… My mom then took me to Juventud Latina Genesis, a dance group founded in Watsonville by a professional dancer herself. I remember complaining to my mother, “this isn’t ballet!”…She said, give it a shot. Well, I gave it a shot and I liked it so for the next ten years of my life I spent my free hours learning, practicing and performing. At a very young age I was performing in front of hundreds, thousands of people. I came out in the newspaper numerous times and on television as well.

My senior year of High School I had to give up dancing to focus on school…. I haven’t danced since. This past Saturday I was the Mistress of Ceremony for Juventud Latina Genesis’ annual show.

Here is a short video which sums up the show and my performance as an MC.


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