Immigration, jobs and Obama…

I saw this article earlier on one of my favorite websites,…

Obama Cracks Down On Companies That Employ Illegal Immigrants

So when I read this article, some anger, frustration and anxiety built up.  I did some more research and found articles with different prespectives on the issue….. I found comments such as,

“Republicans, pointing to the decline in arrests of unauthorized workers, say the administration is failing to remove those immigrants from the work force just when Americans are grappling with high rates of unemployment



“After a raid in Postville, Iowa, in 2008, nearly 300 immigrant workers went to federal prison

“Last year, according to government figures, the enforcement agency started 2,746 workplace investigations in addition to the audits, more than double the number in 2008, the last full year of the Bush administration. Fines totaling about $43 million, also a record, were levied on companies in immigration cases”

In other words:

The United States is spending A LOT, some million dollars on arresting undocumented immigrants because they are “illegaly” working in the United States. And because more and more money is going towards crime in the U.S. we continue to cut $$$ from schools, education.

“Other Education Department programs weren’t so lucky, with funding reduced for about two dozen programs, though many of the multimillion-dollar cuts already had been proposed by President Obama in his 2011 spending plan.

“For example, $213 million will be chopped from the Fund for the Improvement of Education, but the program still will get $14 million more than originally requested by Mr. Obama. The cut is based on fiscal 2010 levels.”

Politics, budgets, Obama. Somewhat of a headache…. Still, this article along with hundreths more on the topic were all over the web today.  Somehow we forget the ongoing struggle of education in the United States, in California and how every semester students are facing increases in tuition and cuts within their departments, their schools and their Financial Aid….


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